Tuesday, June 6, 2006

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Monetize with Chitika

Financial Instrument Trading

Focus On A Few And Not “Diversify”

Using The TICK For Profitable Trading

King of Queens (Net Prophets Episode)

Classical Arbitrage Explained

Protection Against NZ Investment Fund Losses

Pair Trading Explained

Enhancing Stock Investment Return via Option Selling

Statistical-Arbitrage Trading via Excel

Importing Yahoo Stock Data, A Guide with Pictures

1% per day, Futures Trading

Trading With Conviction

Profitable Stock Trading Design

Lessons from Unsuccessful Stock Traders

Optimizing Trend Following Strategies

Presidential Race Effects on Stock Markets

Avoid Risk of Single Stock Failures

Realistic Risks of Long Term Stock Investments

Position Sizing and Risk Management

Diversification Does Not Lower Risk

Stock Market Downside Bets

Industry Reviews

Mike Morgan’s Perspective on Real Estate Deterioration

Investment Fallacies

Moody’s Blame Computing Error for Triple-A Ratings On Toxic Waste Debt

Jim Rogers’ Thoughts

About Victor Niederhoffer

Option Volatility & Pricing (Book Review)

NZ stock investment fund managers offer little value

More NZ financing companies will likely fail

Active Value Investing (Book Review)

Interpreting Financial Media

US Banks Face Unprecedented Pressures

Forex Bucket Shop Deceptions

General Finance

Property Futures Market Suggest 50% Drop

Credit Crisis Deteriorating

Did Oil Hit A Short Term Top?

Stock Investment Superior To Real Estate

Higher Risks, Lower Rewards, and a Shrinking Safety Net (Elizabeth Warren Lecture)

Tent Cities in US

Capital-Protection Risk Management Scheme

Money Market Strategy

Explaining Public Bearish Sentiment

About Elliot Spitzer’s Investigations

Effects of Hedge Funds Today

From Gambling To Winning The Financial Markets

ING Freezes Withdrawals In Two Funds

How Safe Is Your Bank?

Statistical Expectancy

Order Out Of Chaos

Hedge Trimming (Hedge Fund Article Abstract)

Accumulation of Wealth

Business Bits

Kaizen- Key To Success

Winning Requires Non-Competition

Birthday Paradox And Risk Evaluations

Subtleties Of Charisma

Don’t Follow The Trend

Arbitrage Themed Business Models

Defense Against Top 5 Aggressive Sales Tactics

Other Thoughts

Lenny Dykstra- Story of a Successful Trader

Who Is That?

Day of Mathematicians

TV Hinders Learning Process

Irrationality The Key To Crowd Mentality

Thousands In New Zealand Lose Investments & Homes

Coffee House Competition

Impossibility Revisited

Work and Happiness

Roulette Theory

Prisoner’s Dilemma (From Game Theory)

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