Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Sample Press Release (AutoGuard, WWI Inc.)

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AutoGuard Antitheft Device Defends Countless Vehicles

Phoenix, AZ, 4/4/08- Where alarms have failed, AutoGuard halts waves of auto-accessory theft in America by averting a little known break-in exploit. Patented, cost-effective, and warranty preserved, AutoGuard seamlessly corrects the vulnerability.

Presently, lawbreakers systematically disable alarms through an open-hood mechanism. Vulnerable automobiles are breached at frightening speed with only a screwdriver. Once silenced, stereo systems, rims, and other car-accessories of value become easy targets, leaving victims with vehicles damaged and stripped.

Millions of cars remain defenseless in America today, and adjusted chassis designs will not become available earlier than 2013. Popular models known for this susceptibility include (but not limited to)-

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chevrolet and GM Trucks/SUVs
  • Ford F 150/250 trucks, Exhibition SUVs
  • Lincoln Mercury Navigators, trucks
  • Hummer-3, latest H3T Trucks
  • A variety of Japanese made vehicles

Original and patented, only AutoGuard can secure mentioned car-hood mechanisms right now. Established from two years of field test, the added protection discourages and makes screwdriver break-ins virtually impossible. Consequentially, it also reduces potential insurance deductibles.

AutoGuard fits roughly 25.5 million vehicles with manufacture warranty intact. For $39.95 and a 10 minute installation, the device shields vehicle contained valuables against common thieves. Cost-effectiveness, practicality, security define the AutoGuard solution.

About AutoGuard- AutoGuard Antitheft Devices is a Division of WorldWide Iron Inc. Specialized in automobile antitheft innovation and tracking products, all products are patented, and manufactured within USA.

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