Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doom if nothing changes. Yet something ALWAYS changes!

I'm referring to the recent IMF adviser interview around the European sovereign debt crisis on BBC where he commented "..if they cannot address this in a credible way, I believe within 2 to 3 weeks, we will have meltdown in sovereign debt..."

Considering historical precedence, governments and associated forces have always acted to at least try to avert disasters, or at least keep financial market volatility indices within moderate levels. Since the 87 dip, we have yet to see anything worse. And yes, we've gotten the ".. but this time's different.", every time.

BBC here is obviously implying a meltdown, fear, knowing that the average television audience is not capable of thinking on a deeper level and accept this message as is. The real question then lies in why the mainstream media is attempting to encourage panic and negative sentiment. It is possible that significant political ambitions will surface in the near term future, the kind that people are not likely to readily accept when times are "good".

I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this. 

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