Friday, August 21, 2009

Vocabulary and Ingenuity

Perpetual vocabulary growth helps to improve creativity. As novel words trigger unprecedented emotions, ideas, imageries, naturally ingenuity ensues. Of course it also takes work, sacrifice, like most rewards in life.


Arbitrage” remains a word many newbie market participants have not encountered, a concept never even considered; and once introduced, new possibilities, strategies, hopes and dreams, IMMEDIATELY arise.

Expectancy”, a term from statistics, explains why casinos win over time, why arbitrary buy-and-hold tactics do not end well for equity positions, and more importantly, the necessary numbers to create a winning strategy. Winning, after all, is everything.

“Charisma” remains really important in society today. Social status makes people feel good about themselves and those in their lives. Understanding the word, following up on it and enhancing personal magnetism could potentially make a world of difference from corporate promotions to making new, fun friends.

Simple steps

Read every day, and look up, UNDERSTAND any unfamiliar words. Think about what they really mean, and how this new concept could help your world in any manner. Life can only expand from this point, exhilarating adventures await!

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