Saturday, August 8, 2009

Socialism and Politics

Special interest groups have historically applied impractical socialism ideals to captivate supporters amidst economic hardships. China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union come to mind. While utopian theories sound nice, they do not offer feasibility as these ideas forget to factor in corruption related risks.

Political process rundown

The scheme from the (evil) interest group’s perspective.

1. Allow or influence existing political will to undermine the economy, therefore lowering living standard. As power generally leads to corruption, even Rome had fallen while its enemies needed nothing but patience.

2. Initiate campaign, appear empathetic of the peoples’ outrage at the existing government, business owners for job cuts. Pacing remains crucial in bypassing the critical factor, i.e. by appearing to agree on issues off various levels, the audience becomes more inclined to accept any following suggestions readily. (A common speech pattern utilized by US politicians.)

3. Through all media channels, promote needs for equality, sharing, friendship and helping… This is where the distraction, brainwashing takes place; “…give us a chance to lead, and we will make other people work and pay for your life style, yay!”

4. Once in power, terminate all potentially opposing forces so as people begin to see the truth, they have already become helpless. When Mao’s communist party triumphed in China, they killed anyone with more than a high school education, business owners, economists, national party members, and etc.

What about wealthy areas like Europe and Australia?

2 words: Global Warming

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