Monday, April 20, 2009

Flawless execution not possible

Fallibility defines humanity, it explains why nothing ever goes according to plan, and why we must strategically allow room for error pursuing happiness, success, and all that jazz. “Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong…” Murphy’s Law never explained why, well I just did.

Expecting perfection leads to failure

Disappointments come very quickly when you expect everything to stay peachy, all the time. Somewhere, some time down the road, “hey, that’s not supposed to happen…” and before you know it, “damn it all to heck!”

I find it misleading for anyone to preach flawless execution (condemning my past self as well). Why do we preach impossibilities as something viable? Playing the “the perfect game” could happen often, not always and forever.

Complete designs

A complete plan allows for mistakes. Imperfection does not mean failure, it simply makes it more challenging, hence fun. (I still make fat-finger, costly mistakes trading financial instruments.) Yet, profitability could remain for as long as you EXPECT them to occur as a business expense, just another day at the office. Of course this concept expands to more than just business. Bottom line, don’t beat yourself up for it.

Remedying weaknesses

Sun Tzu mentioned in The Art of War that to win battles, one must know not only the enemy, but themselves, too. Giving in to unproductive, subconscious behavioral tendencies affect us all; e.g. my love for placing beverages nearby has cost me several keyboards. Having read briefly into NLP, self-hypnosis has gotten me some positive experience.

It helps to visualize oneself behaving in desirable manners while in a relaxed state. Yeah it may feel odd initially, it has worked well for me, and perhaps for you too.

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