Friday, April 10, 2009

The Big Fat Lies (on dieting)

The NY Times article "What if it's all a big fat lie?" explores consequences mainstream dieting fads that the average folks adhere to. Going from Atkins to the doctors who preach "high carb less fat...", Americans have ended up fatter and sicker either way. What the hell is up with this?

(Noticed it at the Ross Enamait forum. I frequent there for info relevant to strength training.)

Despite the above, interesting information exists as well for those seeking "truth", or simply something outside "the matrix". Dr. T. Campbell, author of "The China Study, The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted", makes some good cases between diet and health. Not that one should take his words for granted, but rather theories worth digging into, leading to perhaps personal conclusions.

Here's a talk with Dr. Campbell

Dr. Lorraine Day also makes some very good connections between diet and health as well, regardless of her religion. She remains one of few who had recovered from cancer refusing chemo, then strengthening the immune system with a change in diet & life style.

A talk by Lorraine Day,

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