Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spent fuel storage: biggest risk at Fukushima (and the VIX)

Somehow most of the mainstream news has missed this little bit of info. Kudos to Bloomberg for this,

Pools Storing Spent Fuel May Present Biggest Risk at Fukushima


The greatest danger at the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant may come from the pools of water holding spent fuel that sit on top of the plant’s six reactors.

Water pools used to keep spent rods have been heating up at three of the plant’s six reactors, officials said. Left unchecked, that risks fire and possibly a nuclear reaction that spews radiation into the atmosphere, said Robert Kelley, an engineer in Vienna who used to lead the Nuclear Emergency Response at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.


The VIX (chart off Yahoo Finance)

Despite Vix's jump to 29~ in 2 days (free real time price), and that some algos are suggesting SHORT; in the grand scheme of things, this situation'll probably get a bit worse before improving.

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