Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fat loss solutions from bodybuilders

OK nobody wants to just "lose weight", because losing lean body mass (muscle, organ tissue, etc.) is simply unhealthy and well... most of us don't want the anorexic look. Therefore, to become more fit, it is only logical to look at how natural bodybuilders achieve that 5%~ body fat level while maintaining all that muscle.

As I've already mentioned why intermittent fasting helps in this, let's move to the other parts.

Intense Muscle is a very good discussion forum for both amateur and pro bodybuilders and power lifters. While the details around fat loss optimization gets complex, I will summarize some basic ideas here,

Fasted workout: Having a workout before first meal of the day

Carb cut off: Cutting off carbohydrates somewhere between Afternoon~ 6PM (depends on metabolism)

C+P/F+P: Each meal must be either a mix of Carbs + Protein or Fats + Protein, never Carbs +Fats

Workout days: Mostly Carbs + Protein

Rest days: Mostly Fats + Protein

So that's it! There's no need for crazy expensive, low quality supplements.

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