Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook (book review)

This book is pretty informative for anyone new to arbitrage. Stephane Reverre explains a fairly comprehensive field of existing means of arbitrage (up to the year of the book, 2001), covering a very wide range of instruments and explains both technical and economical grounds behind the mentioned market inefficiencies.

Prerequisite knowledge

A good understanding of statistics is necessary to fully understand some of the concepts from this book. The reader is also expected to have basic understanding of corporate finance and familiarity with intermediate financial mathematics.

Some interesting things from the book

Mathematical explanations for Index Arbitrage opportunities and expected mispricings (Index futures vs. Spot ETF, component portfolio, etc.)

Risk arbitrage exploiting scheduled corporate events (mergers and acquisitions)

Existing statistical arbitrage (e.g. pair trading) means

Examples of actual arbitrage opportunities and exploitations­­ off empirical data

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