Friday, May 7, 2010

Food prices- what the hell!

Year to year food price changes according to National Inflation Association,

* Fresh and dry vegetables up 56.1%
* Fresh fruits and melons up 28.8%
* Eggs for fresh use up 33.6%
* Beef and veal up 10.7%
* Dairy products up 9.7%
OK, so your little buy & hold "portfolio" has made a net gain the last year, yet it probably made a loss factoring in the actual rate of inflation. More importantly, did your financial advisor really deserve to get paid?

This has been mentioned in the article on risks of long term buy & hold schemes, mainly that the stock markets don't do much but adjust with the ACTUALl rate of inflation!

1 Reflections:

CSCO11532631 said...

no I didn't make any money..since i'm my financial advisor I shouldn't get paid.. then again neither should the bogus advice I get from the streets either way

. but i will eat to survive. . .

that was a good blog.