Friday, June 26, 2009

German Financial Advisor Tortured

Senior citizens in Germany got so fed up with the responsibility escaping line of "It was not my fault, but due to market conditions..." from their "financial advisor", that torture seemed like a good consequence.

This is what happens if you screw around with OPM (Other People's Money). Perhaps this event could remind these so-called experts to think twice before screaming out moronic sales pitches for "buy & hold".

Some interesting excerpts,

A gang of wealthy Senior citizens living on pensions kidnapped and tortured a financial adviser in Germany after he lost £2 million of their savings during the financial crisis.

Dubbed ‘The Geritol Gang’ by police – after the arthritis drug – the kidnappers seized James Arnburn and subjected him to a four-day ordeal. He was burned with cigarettes, beaten with a chair leg and chained up 'like an animal'

Mr Arnburn, 56, described how two of his kidnappers, identified only as Roland K, 74, and Willy D, 60, hit him with a Zimmer frame (their geriatric walkers as shown below) outside his home in Speyer, west Germany before binding him with duct tape.

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