Friday, June 26, 2009

Behravesh, Rogoff, Roubini on US, Global Economies

Despite that this talk happened in Mar., it remains very much relevant and applicable for the immediate and midterm future. This type of information has given me a tremendous edge while making financial bets.

1 of 9 (Generally where we are and what to look forward to)

2 of 9 (Oil price forecasts)

3 of 9 (Roubini explains some immediate credit market concerns, GOOD STUFF!)

4 of 9 (Lehman Bros. vs Systemic Meltdown)

5 of 9 (Japan or Sweden, Predictability and Black Swans)

6 of 9 (Inept regulators, Europe vs. US outlooks)

7 of 9 (Stimulus money, nationalization issues)

8 of 9 ("Too Big to Fail", monetary policies, some coming challenges)

9 of 9 (Emerging markets, pent-up demand)

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