Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marriage risk management

So Paul Elam wrote a piece around the risks of marriage, divorce, and has made the whole ordeal quite horrifying. While I don't agree with everything in the article, it does provoke some critical, practical thoughts.

Marriage is quite literally an investment of not only your heart, but all of your work, income—and future income, especially when children are involved. Now, if an investment broker told you he had a deal in which you could invest, and there was more than a 50 percent chance that you would be wiped out and spend most of the rest of your life paying the margin call or going to jail, how much would you invest?

So from the standpoint of cold risk management, the choice appears simple; yet it defies every bit of traditional belief. Of course what about the successful marriages? There is probably more to it than simple statistics, and that may be where Elam, and 50%+ of the failures had missed; stuff to maintain/improve human relationships, I'm sure somethings' there.

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