Monday, February 21, 2011

Curve fitting, life, and etc.

Every decision we make in life is founded upon historical performance, often witnessed off the past generation. Whether it be attending university or creating a business, we do things in pursuit of personal dreams because, "...they've worked before, for someone else".

It doesn't always work

The world changes, and it is time to adapt or be left behind. Quick example: just 2 decades ago, the average law school graduate did quite well making a living, not so today partially due to globalization. In fact, a good number of majors at the local universities have little to offer in terms of skill demand in the near term future.

So what gives?

We must embrace critical thinking, on individual levels. It is unfortunate that society today discourages it, where we're constantly told what to eat, wear, or think... As difficult as it may seem, but we need to realize that while the older generation may be old, they are not always that wise.

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