Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lehman Victims

Reserve Primary Money Fund Falls Below $1 a Share

"The fund, whose assets plunged more than 60 percent to $23 billion in the past two days, said the Lehman losses forced the net value of its assets below $1 a share, known as breaking the buck. Reserve Primary, the oldest money fund in the nation, fell to 97 cents a share and redemptions were suspended for as long as seven days."

Potentially Profitable Scheme

Search out for companies/funds who invested heavily in debt issued by troubled banks, and short them off short term rallies. Many are not in the spotlight, yet, of course by the time they are, it's too late to get in the party. These opportunities will not present themselves on silver platters, it takes some work to search them out, and that is where your job comes in.

As mentioned in "Statistical Moments of Real Stock Returns" , the edge is on your side when you bet on the downside. Taleb also wrote in The Black Swan that destruction usually comes swiftly, while the build up takes time and patience (paraphrased). Don't blindly agree with everything I write, but do your research, learn the game, and make it work for you.

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