Friday, October 25, 2013

It'll never be perfect, roll with it.

Work's been tough, developing trading solutions for Chinese financial products. There's been numerous software, network, and of course trading related issues, and I've realized that nobody has the perfect team of research, software guys, and traders, yet some manage to still make money. Reality remains, there will always be problems.

Frame adjustment

I have met a lot of people who had waited for "the perfect time" to start a business, put on that trade
, or leave a disadvantageous relationship. Having gone through this myself, it is highly unlikely that this "perfect time" would ever arrive. Waiting feels like a waste of time.

People're innately lazy, it is probably human nature to desire for minimal energy expenditure.

Maybe going forward in business, life is more about making +EV changes NOW, no looking back. It takes courage, diligence, and some practical planning, which might not be all that easy but definitely achievable.

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Unknown said...

How true.There is never ever a level playing field.