Saturday, October 24, 2009

Protein powders over-valued

Having interest in natural bodybuilding, I visited a local supermarket today and checked out some protein source prices, with unexpected results. Typically “top of mind” protein supplement powders actually presented highest costs per gram of protein, and many came with undesirably high sugar content. What the heck right?

Prices broken down

OK, these are the rough unit prices available at the local supermarket (all generic brands).

Blanched Peanuts: $0.02/gram

Canned Mackerel: $0.03/gram

Eggs: $0.04/gram

Ground/Minced Lamb: $0.05/gram

Protein Powder: $0.10/gram

So what gives? Some may suggest that the protein supplement adds value with convenience. Does it really take that much work to open a can of fish or bag of nuts? They don’t even require a blender.

The high sugar content seen in the supplement product does not help either. Keeping simply sugar intake minimized remains one of few critical means to keep the body relatively lean while putting on muscle.

Therefore, while some folks may find protein powders helpful, I’d say not.

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