Sunday, March 1, 2009

Simple & Free Growth Hormone Boost

Most people think you'd have to take (expensive) shots of synthetic HGH(Human Growth Hormone). Screw that. You can dramatically increase your own body's HGH release with Intermittent Fasting.

Benefits from increased HGH levels:

1. Increased lean body mass (muscle, bone, organs)
2. Increased fat utilization for energy
3. Higher bone density (avoiding osteoporosis)
4. Increased skin thickness (retaining youth)

Basically you end up both looking and feeling great, for free. In fact you'll save money due to the lower food consumption. I'm fasting every 3-4 days, and it really feels fantastic. Haven't lost any muscle since I take in quite a bit of protein on the days I eat, and I still hit the gym regularly.

A pretty extensive research document covering this:

The Im
pact of Short-Term Fasting on the Dynamics of 24-Hour Growth Hormone(GH) Secretion in Patients with Secere Radiation-Induced GH Deficiency
Ken H. Darzy, Robert d. Murray, Helena K. Gleeson, Suzan S. Pezzoli, Michael O. Thorner, and Stephen M. Shalet

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