Thursday, November 13, 2008

About critical thinking

Intelligence defined today has become irrelevant with the ability to think critically. This is tragically unfortunate. I spent the afternoon discussing this with Darryl, a friend from University of Auckland. He’s probably what some would call a modern day philosopher, and at times makes some very good points, and questions.


Why do people knowingly make self-sabotaging decisions? Spending beyond ones’ means, making upside bets having learned business/economic cycles, or stuffing themselves brownies understanding potential health/appearance challenges come to mind. Even the supposed “intelligent” and educated men fall for these scenarios, so what is going on?

The lazy mind

Sure, thinking takes energy, especially when digging for rare and practical information. The negative consequence of an idle mind i.e. allowing external influences, delusions operate effectively, could easily destroy everything built over a life time.

A few acquaintances had lost life savings from little-understood investments. I remembering having suggested they do some research and not risk any money until the potential risks/rewards are figured out, and they simply brushed it off. Expectedly, to this day they blame it on luck to avoid personal responsibility.

The simple cure

A bit of research alongside logical, objective thinking could make one practically immune to many of today’s living denials and misconceptions, and have odds swing in favor of desirable solutions. I suppose sometimes thinking simply leads to more questions, but at least it gives you a shot at finding some real answers.

Why do stock brokers avoid the subject of credit risk? Why do people study majors knowing they eventually must compete with third world nationals who do the same work for literally cents on the dollar? Why do so many people choose to live as mindless drones?

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