Monday, March 3, 2008

Subtleties Of Charisma

Charisma is something I had never learned from school. Experience however, presents it a crucial part of successful business. Most fundamentally speaking, to make a profit, somebody out there must stand willing to risk their hard earned capital for your product or service in return. More trust and confidence become necessary along with transaction values for them to work out. In the case of a trader of financial securities, the relationship with associated broker(s) could determine the level of discounts on commissions and possibly better order fills.

Having personable character helps, every little bit counts. It becomes the distinguishing quality between an amateur and a professional. More often than not, the client may not find your product/service particularly fascinating, but they decide to give you a chance anyway. This edge alone could improve odds of business success, alongside a wonderful social life.

The following list includes (but is not limited to) attributes I have adapted to enhance charisma. Keep in mind, to have this edge against competitors; one must adjust strategies that others overlook.

I. Killer Looks

Stay or get in shape-

Physical fitness implies discipline and finesse, something potential clients relates to your products/services intuitively. People do not think with political correctness. Obesity raises the question of one’s own quality of lifestyle and hence business management.

Adapt appearance accepted by the target demographic-

If the clients have a penchant for clean-cut looks, a cluster of unkempt hair, unshaved chin, or bushes grown out from the nose and ears would turn them away before any words become exchanged.

II. Conversations

Stay on topics interested by the clients-

People enjoy discussing issues interesting to THEM, not you. If you accomplish this, they would likely pursue further conversations. It helps to stay focused on the clients’ concerns, as this could also lead to more business opportunities.

Avoid political subjects-

Political matters could induce deviation even in the best of friendships. It is not your best interest to compromise business relationships this way.

Never insult others, expressly or implied-

This subject holds many details. I can not point out all but just the couple of mistakes I had made in the past.

Instead of correcting a mistake directly, it is best to do it subtly. Telling someone they made an error serves as an insult to that person’s intelligence and judgment.

You do not want to assume the client enjoys the same venues of activities as your buddies. Discrepancies of moral or ethical values hurt your appeal.

(I highly recommend the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It had helped both my business and social life of epic proportions. The book mentions the above conversational techniques along with examples.)

So when it comes down to it, people only help you readily if they like you. Connect with the clients, become a part of them, and perhaps their money could end up a part of you.

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