Thursday, February 28, 2008

Impossibility Revisited.

My great grand father lost a fortune in the Hong Kong stock market early in the century, prejudiced by the American economic “slow down” of 1929. Both dad and grandpa used to repeat that story, warning me to stay far from stock trading. They and majority of the population believe resolutely that generating consistent returns trading financial instruments presents impossibility.

What about Warren Buffet? He made his first few million dollars decades ago trading the stock markets via arbitrage and directional tactics. James Altucher wrote a book describing Buffet’s exact strategies in “Trade Like Warren Buffet”.,M1

Ever heard of Dan Zanger? Look him up. He turned $10K into $18Million within 18 months, short-term trading stocks. Buffet, Zanger, and guys like George Soros are living proof that most people simply made an incorrect conclusion about something they obviously do not understand.

I had become obese several times in the past, and people had said I had nil chance of getting in shape.

I spent some time doing research, and followed through with the resistance training and carbohydrate cycle diet. The fat burned off and I had stayed lean since 2004. Soon it became a life style easy to maintain. Interestingly, the negatively opinioned “friends” mostly grew bigger over the years.

Life is not easy, full of probabilities and it only becomes more negatively expected as outsiders shove problems into our minds instead of solutions. People in general tend to equate their own failures with feats of impossibility. Soon I realized nobody knew any better about anything than me. Success, in small doses, came as I avoided the skeptical crowds. Laser focus, flawless execution of simply the solutions made the odds end up in my favor.

Nobody has the right to declare what you can or cannot accomplish.

Avoid the cynics. Remember those childhood dreams? Get out a notebook and start a list of what you can do to achieve them. Brain storm, forget limits. Concentrate on the solutions. When statistical probabilities swing your way, nothing is impossible.

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